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Our technicians remove carpet stains easily because we have the right products and the best available in the market for commercial use. Some of these products are quite expensive and not feasible for the regular homeowner who may clean their carpet once or twice a year. In addition to having superior products, we have extensive knowledge of using them and to successfully extract stains from deep in the carpet fiber. Call when you need help and we will offer you this expertise.


Cleaning Carpets

Royal Carpet Cleaning Kingwood has a well-established service for taking care of your floor coverings including removing stains from your carpet. Good quality carpets are expensive and it is not practical for most homeowners to pull their current one install a new one just because of bad stains. After trying to clean stains with every conceivable chemical they can find, most people give up and opt to live with them. But you don’t have to give in or to resign to eyesores in your floor where everybody can see. Call us and we will help you remove your stubborn stains.

We love our pets and for most people they are part of the family. If you have pets and need pet stain removal, we can help you. We have methods and products that work in removing these types of stains and we are confident that we can get your carpet sparkling once again. When you need someone to clean carpet stains or perform grease stain removal.

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