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If you need help dry cleaning rugs, we have just the right service for you. We will pick up the rugs at your door-step and bring them back when they have been spotlessly cleaned. Our staff takes great care of your rugs because we know how valuable they are to you and your family. Our cleaning procedures are also superior and increase the life of your rugs.


Steam Rug Cleaning

When we clean your rugs, we always have the big picture in mind and that is to do our job in such a way that the final result actually compliments your home. We also know that your rugs take a lot of beating from being stepped on especially if they are in high traffic areas, and being slept on by your pets. Royal Carpet Cleaning Kingwood can help you in cleaning wool rugs any time that you need this service. We can do this job with confidence because of our training, experience and knowledge. These products require care and attention and our technicians are able to deliver these qualities any time.

We do Oriental rug cleaning for many customers in this area and have achieved mastery in taking care of them and in providing the type of service that preserves the rich colors of these products as well as their nicely woven fabrics. Because of our extensive knowledge in how these rugs are made and in what type of dyes are used to give them rich colors, we can select cleaning products that enhance their beauty and that don’t cause the colors to run.

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